Michael McDonnell, Canadian Cartoonist, Illustrator & Caricature Artist

Michael McDonnell

Cartoonist / Illustrator / Caricature Artist

The cartoonist at work

Under the name Satire (Ink), Canadian Cartoonist and Illustrator Michael McDonnell and frequent writing partner Tim Cerantola's editorial have been featured in "the Toronto Sun", and the Niagara Falls Review", they have also appeared in a number of other Canadian newspapers, including "the Toronto Star", "the Scarborough Mirror", "the Mississauga News" , "St. Catharines Standard", "the Bradford West Gwillimbury Times", and online with "the Kingston Net Times". Michaels' cartoons have also appeared various periodicals including "Parkhurst Exchange", and "Doctors Review". Michael is a member of
the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists.

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Drawing from an early age on any surface that presented itself (much to the chagrin of most of his teachers throughout his academic career), he eventually found his way to the "Cartooning and Graphic Story" program at Sheridan College, where spending your day drawing funny pictures of the instructors was considered not only acceptable behaviour, but mandatory!


For years, Michael has specialised in caricature work, both from his studio, and at live events.
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Michael McDonnell

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